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The Wine Shop 


Le Vieux Comptoir boasts not only London's finest French wine shop and Cellar, but is also a place where you can get the French classics in a very French style.


Our wines and champagnes are selected personally, and imported by us, from some of the finest (whilst barely known) winemakers the country has to offer.

We proudly carry an extensive range of imported French beers, ciders and  spirits, including award-winning Calvados - all of which sit happily alongside the benchmark names and vintages from Bordeaux, Bourgogne and  The Rhone Valley.


Working on a rotation basis gives us the chance to offer an exciting selection of products every two or three weeks, including old vintages, iconic names and hidden gems. Unfortunately, due to the small amount produced or purchased, these wines rarely remain on our shelves for long.


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Comptoir du Vin et autres Délices de France

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